Tips For Helping Your RV Travel Time Fly By - Blog

It wasn’t too long ago that you bought a new motorhome from your Alberta RV Dealer. After a couple of successful but short campouts, you decide that it’s time for a good old-fashioned road trip. After all, that is why you bought the RV, to see and do absolutely everything. But even the poshest RVs need to be driven. Here are some tips to help you stay alert and keep you and your passengers happy and entertained.

Munchies Please!!!

Going on an RV road trip without a good supply of munchies is unthinkable. Whether you like salty, crunchy, sweet or all of the above, nothing spells vacation like a good nosh while driving down the road. Keep away from anything messy that will take your mind or eye off your driving. Just pack some tantalizing tidbits that will excite your taste buds and wake up those lagging grey cells.

Play Me That Tune

Crank up that stereo system and rock the wheels in your RV. Of course your version of “rocking the wheels” could mean Bach or old time country, but does it really matter? With today’s iPod technology you can program your favorite tunes and take them anywhere. Check out the local radio stations and see what’s playing. Maybe you’re into talk radio shows. Just listen to what makes you happy as you head on down the road.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

You may still be subjected to choruses of “Are we there yet” from the youngsters, but at least in an RV there is so much extra space. That means more places to stash games, coloring books, iPods and other entertaining trinkets. Having familiar toys to play with does make life on the road lots more fun.

If you want to get the whole family involved in entertaining the kids, an old-fashioned road game works wonders. “I Spy” is one favourite that will keep the kids on the lookout for various objects for hours. One player picks an object and says, “I spy something that begins with the letter A.” The other players try and guess the answer. On long trips you can work through the entire alphabet.

Another fun game is to find license plates. Print out maps of Canada and/or the United States before you leave. Find a license plate from a province or state and cross it off your map. This is a contest to see who can fill in their map first, sort of like a cover-all-the-spaces Bingo game.

If you are traveling with kids and/or pets, you might consider making more frequent rest stops. Running off excess energy helps to calm down both two and four-legged travellers. Believe it or not, frequent stops really do make your Canadian RV road time fly by