Summer Road Trip RV Checklist - Blog

RV travel is an exceptional way to view the land. As an RV dealer Canada has to offer, we understand the rigors that a variety of terrain can put your RV through. The best way to ensure your successful and enjoyable RV travel Canada is to minimize your chances for problems along your trip. El Dorado RV is pleased to offer these suggestions to keep you rolling smoothly.

Engine Electronics

Heat can sometimes be just as bad on your vehicle’s electrical system as cold. Batteries and alternators can all be a victim of excessive heat. Before heading out on the road, have your battery and alternator tested. Many times they offer signs of failure ahead of time and you will be able to react at a time and place that you choose.


Many will just check their tire tread, but there can be hidden problems. Check for objects that may have punctured your tire, but have self-sealed. These are generally screws, nails or other metal objects. You may have good tread, but if your tire has picked up a foreign object along the way, you could be headed for trouble. A close visual inspection before departure can save you some grief on the highway.

Check Plumbing

Before you leave, be sure to check all faucets, the toilet and water pipes. Put pressure on your system by running water through it. Check for the sign of leaks.

Perform an Appliance Check

A quick check of your refrigerator, stove and microwave prior to departure can save headaches later. While you're at it, check your A/C and furnace system.

Those who have been RV'ing for a while understand the value of a good pre-trip checklist, especially on the first trip of the year. For Alberta RV sales, repairs and parts we invite you to see us at El Dorado RV. Don’t forget to ask about our motorhome RV rental programs. That's where we take care of that checklist!