Stocking Your RV Kitchen - Blog

No matter what size motorhome or camper you select at your Alberta RV dealer, chances are you’ll end up with a galley kitchen of some sort. While some of the larger motorhomes have space to rival that of small homes or apartments, other units may test your storage creativity. Using kitchen space wisely and bringing along exactly what you need makes your RV cooking adventures a more carefree experience.

Don’t Over Crowd Your Storage Space

Taking everything but the kitchen sink, which by the way your RV conveniently provides, is not necessary. It is rather tempting to open those storage cupboards and fill them to the brim. But why? You are going on vacation. That means you should be relaxing, at least most of the time, and not spending too many hours in the kitchen. Besides you do need room for the food.

So, What Do You Bring?

The cooking equipment you bring along should be multi-purpose. One medium and one large non-stick skillet along with two saucepans should do quite nicely. A Dutch oven works well for cooking stews and pasta. To save space, if you have a fry pan and a cooking pot that use the same size lid, pack one lid for both. Dinner plates can also substitute as a cooking lid if need be. Use a colander for both straining pasta and serving salad, just don’t add the dressing. The colander also makes a great popcorn bowl, sans butter. Definitely bring one or two mixing bowls that can also double as serving bowls. Don’t bring every specialty knife in your kitchen. You’ll be surprised what you can get done with a good paring knife and a chef-quality, ten-inch blade.

Other must have items include a vegetable peeler, unless you are skilled with that paring knife, spatula, tongs, bottle and can opener, plastic cutting board, soup ladle, serving spoons, a rectangular or square baking pan, break-proof dishes, plastic mugs and cups and stainless steel dinnerware. Plastic cutlery works for those times you just don’t want to be bothered by dishes. Don’t forget the coffeemaker, or a coffee press, and something to heat water in. Electric hot water pots work well and you don’t have to fire up the stove. Round up your kitchen supplies with a good basic first-aid kit.

Essential Pantry Items

Bring along the condiments you simply cannot live without. Keep a separate set in your RV so don’t have to restock for every trip. Stock your pantry with items like pasta sauces, dried pasta and canned items that can be used in a variety of dishes. For example, instead of bringing along a can of chili, bring some canned beans. You can still make the chilli, but can also turn those beans into a fragrant pot of sweet baked beans, a side dish or even bean dip. The same goes with pasta. Macaroni, for example, can be turned into mac-n-cheese, macaroni salad or mixed with an assortment of ingredients for a skillet casserole. Tortillas take up less space than bread and are versatile. Make wraps, burritos or even spread with peanut butter and jelly for a quick, sweet treat.