Preparing Your Rig for Spring RV Adventures - Blog

Spring is the time of year when most RVers get antsy. The snow is melting, or should be shortly, and thoughts of getting away in that motorhome or camper come to mind. Just as you may have been kept close to home during the winter season, your RV has been tucked away in storage. That rig needs a good airing before you take to the road. Below are some items that are part of the spring cleaning and revival of your RV.

Waking Up Your RV – The Basics

The protective covers and/or plugs have to come off. If you’ve used duct tape, use WD-40 to get rid of the adhesive left behind. Give the interior a good clean. Replace and/or install new cabin batteries and/or fuses. Make sure all the lights are working and replace bulbs if need-be. Wash the exterior, using soap, water and a streak-cleaner for those lines that sometimes appear under windows and doors. Check the roof for leaks, the seals around the vents and the seal between the roof and the sides of the RV.

Lubricate all the locks and hinges. Check smoke detectors, LP detectors, clocks and other devices to make sure batteries are working. If you’ve put moth balls or rodent deterrents inside or out, remove them. Open all the vents and windows to air out the interior. Open the shades to let the sunshine in. Roll out the awnings to check for mildew or damage.

Other indoor systems that need looked at are the furnace and the LP system. Each must be checked for leaks. The outside LP tank needs checked for rust and/or leaks. These are two projects that you might want to leave to the professionals. Propane gas is nothing to play around with.

The Water System

Close all your valves on drains, faucets and the pressure relief valve on the water heater. The RV antifreeze will need flushed out. Run water through the system to do so, then put your drain plug back in. Add water and baking soda to clean the water tanks. Go for a drive to mix it all up then drain the water and refill. Treat with bleach if the fresh water has a bad taste or odour. Your black tank is probably empty, but it doesn’t hurt to put a bag or two of ice cubes down the toilet and drive around to give the insides of the tank a nice scrub. Then go to a dumping station to get rid of the contents.

Special Considerations for Motorhomes

If your RV is one with an engine, then you also have the health of that engine to consider. Check the engine battery. Give your rig a tune-up and an oil change. Replace the tires if they are worn or cracked. Old tires, even if they have sufficient tread, can fail because the rubber becomes brittle with time. Check the brakes and suspension; service them if need be. The tire, brake and suspension issues apply to trailers as well..

If you are the do-it-yourself type, then this list might seem like a piece of cake. But you do have the option of coming in to your Lethbridge RV Dealer and having a professional go over your rig from top to bottom. Either way, it’s time to give Old Man Winter the boot and head out for new adventures.