Ooey-Gooey Banana Campfire Goodies - Blog

You’re sitting outside your camper on a warm summer’s night and you have a hankering for something sweet. Take advantage of the campfire that’s keeping you warm and toasty to make these decadent treats.

1 banana per serving


Aluminum foil

Any or all of the following, or any other toppings of your choosing:

Chocolate chips or broken up chocolate bars

Peanut butter chips

 Miniature marshmallows

 Roasted peanuts or other nuts

Brown sugar 

Maple syrup

Put two or three pats of butter on a large square of aluminum foil. Slice a banana lengthwise and place it over the butter. Here’s where the personalization comes in. Kids especially love to create their own gooey banana treat with their favourite flavours.

For example, you can create a S’mores banana goodie with the marshmallows, chocolate and a crushed up graham cracker sprinkled on top of the banana. Or, do your own version of a peanut butter cup with the chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and a handful of roasted peanuts for a bit of crunchiness. How about gooey banana with maple syrup, slivered almonds and a dash of brown sugar and cinnamon? The beauty of this is you can use whatever ingredients you already have available in the RV.

No matter what toppings you choose, wrap the entire treat in the aluminum foil and set it on the campfire coals for between 3 and 5 minutes, just long enough to heat the banana and melt the toppings. Use a pair of tongs to retrieve the ooey-gooey banana treat, place it on a paper plate, peel back the aluminum and enjoy. Spoons are recommended.

The first step in a “gooey banana” adventure is a visit to your Lethbridge RV dealer. If you already have a home on wheels we can give your rig the once over. If not, come take a look at the available motorhomes and travel trailers. Summer is here, what are you waiting for?