Hello Spring -- It's RV Cleaning Time - Blog

he birds are starting to make a bit of noise and the flowers are beginning to show their colors. Yes, in some parts of Canada snow is still hanging around, but it won’t be for long. Spring is here. Welcome it by getting your camper ready for your next adventure.

A Breath of Fresh Air

If you’re RV has been parked for a while chances are the air inside is a bit on the stale side. On the first nice day of spring open all the vents and windows and let Mother Nature work her magic. If your RV has a screen door, leave the main cabin door open as well. This influx of fresh air will breathe new life into your rig. If your rig is especially musty, try adding an air freshener. The ones that work in your brick-and-mortar home work just as well in the RV.

Inventory Food and Supplies

Empty your pantry and check any stored foods. Look for signs of damage, such as burst cans or any dry goods that show signs of little critters snacking. Discard these, as well as any food that is past its expiration date. Be sure and check the other cabinets or storage spaces where you keep food. Empty the fridge, give it a good clean and then leave the door ajar so it airs out.

Then take a look at supplies. In the kitchen make your cooking utensils, tableware and cutlery are clean and in good shape. Do you have enough dish soap, paper plates, and paper towels? Are your dish towels clean? Go through all your spices and make sure they are usable. Sometimes dampness will seep into that bottle of garlic powder, making it one big garlic lump.

Check out the bathroom, making sure you have enough toilet paper, that the toiletries are in good shape and that stored over-the-counter medicines haven’t expired. Check the cleaning supplies and restock if need be. Put your bathroom rug, towels, linens and everything else that needs it through the wash to give them a nice, fresh smell. If you’ve left any clothes in the RV those probably need a wash as well.

It’s Elbow Grease Time

Once the cabinets are empty and everything that needs attention is out of the RV, wipe down the inside of the cabinets and all the walls with your favourite cleaning solution. Don’t forget the cab. Vacuum the carpet, mop the floors and give the windows a good clean.

Once you’ve got your rig clean and aired out, it’s just a matter of making up the bed and the inside of your RV is spring clean ready. That leaves the outside of your rig, the various systems and mechanical parts to look after. You can do all the checking and fixing on your own, or bring your home-on-wheels to your Lethbridge RV Dealer for a professional once-over.