Getting the Most Storage Space in Your RV - Blog

After purchasing your recreational vehicle from your RV dealer Canada, you are excited to stock up the shelves and RV basement with all the necessary items to make your road trip an adventure. You would love to take everything! Yet, your RV only has a certain amount of space in the kitchen, bathroom and RV basement to accommodate all your items.

Get smart about your storage space by organizing your things to make the most out of the limited space. Use the following tips to make your RV travel Canada more comfortable with all your things in easy reach.

Nest Items: Pots, pans and mixing bowls can be nested in similar containers to save on space. Always be careful when nesting glass cookware. Items can shift and bang against each other and possibly break if you are traveling over bumpy roads. When nesting glass or other breakable items, place pieces of cardboard or towels between the cookware to act as cushioning.

Get Rid of Awkward Food Boxes: Food comes in all types of shapes and sizes, and so too do their packaging boxes. Trying to fit these boxes in cabinets can become a hassle and messy if you must place a box in sideways to fit, causing the food to spill out. Simplify your storage in your El Dorado RV by pouring the food into small storage containers. Items like pasta and cereal will fit better in your cabinet as the container will keep the food fresh for longer periods of time.

Install Sliding Shelves In Basement Storage: RVs equipped with basement storage allow you to store even more items for your RV travel. Yet these storage spaces can be a bit difficult to use, as you must take out everything from the front to get to hard-to-reach items in the back. By adding sliding shelves, you will have an easier time packing and using the items in the RV's basement area.

Organizing your RV's storage space will allow you to take more things on your trip. Have a great road adventure knowing everything is in easy reach and packed in the safest manner!