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Your new motorhome is sitting in the driveway, fresh off the lot of your Lethbridge RV dealer. The pantry is full, the clothes are packed and you’re ready to venture out for your first family vacation in your home on wheels. But wait, before you head out, put together a few games to keep the kids entertained.

Critter Bingo

Bingo doesn’t always have to be played with letters and numbers. Instead, fill the squares with the names and/or pictures of different animals you might see on your trip. Put the usual suspects like cats, horses, cows, birds and dogs. If you happen to be traveling to wilderness areas or national parks, such as Banff, add bears, bighorn sheep, deer and other wild animals to the mix. Think of a nice prize for the winner to make things even more interesting. Scale the game to match the ages of the players. For example, if you have very young children, make bigger squares and only put three or four across. Pictures are a must for the little ones. You might even consider making them big enough to colour. The first one to find the animals and get the squares coloured wins. Keep some consolation prizes on hand for those that didn’t quite come in first.

Take Your Jig-Saw Puzzles on the Road

Jig-saw puzzles are great fun but not something you’d really think about carrying in an RV. But on those rainy days when the warmth of your camper is more appealing than the great outdoors, these puzzles provide entertainment and teach eye-hand coordination at the same time. The problem comes when it’s time to put the puzzle away. Rather that put everything back in the box and starting over, a Puzzle Roll-up Mat lets you roll up the entire puzzle, both the finished bits and the loose pieces. The mat fits in its own tube, keeping your work safe while being easy to store. Working on jig-saw puzzles is still a bit tricky when travelling, especially if the roads are bumpy, even with the mat.

Hey Mom, Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? Not exactly the words parents want to hear on that RV road trip. Why not make a game of it? Get a map of your route and make several copies. On the maps mark the starting and end points of your trip, then put each map in a folder and add markers, coloured pencils or crayons. Use light colors so the map still can be read after being coloured. Each child gets their own packet of fun. Once on the road, the children may ask you “Where are we now?” Then they find the spot on the map. Only the adults are allowed to utter the phrase “Are we there yet?” Then the kids can look at their maps and figure out just how long of a ride you’re looking at. This game provides a healthy distraction, teaches about map reading and how to figure out distances. At the same time it gives your ears a respite from that dreaded road trip phrase.