Enjoy Comfort and Freedom When RVing for Spring Break - Blog

There is one word above all others that makes us anxious to fire-up the motorhome for that first spring road trip; snow. In Alberta we have an ambiguous relationship with the white stuff. We welcome icy ponds, both inside and out, that herald hockey season. We love snow for its beauty as it drapes the prairies with its white blanket and adds sculptured curves to the surrounding mountains. But after a few months of the white stuff, we’re ready for a change of scenery. A trip to your Alberta RV Dealer, whether to find something to complement your existing rig or perhaps to find a new home-on-wheels, is a good beginning to that spring escape.

RVs spell freedom. No planes, trains or hotel reservations to worry about. No waiting at the airport for an overdue fight, or having to go through the sometimes mind-boggling security checks. No sitting for hours in seats so close together that you start thinking your seat-buddy is your Siamese twin. And if junior wants to bring his favourite stuffed toy, well forget it, those luggage restrictions limit what you can take on your vacation.

On the other hand, the RV gives you room to spread out and space for lots of goodies. Bring that teddy bear, along with a few other toys to keep him company. Take along bikes, games, even your computer so you can keep in touch while on the road. But try not to spend too much time at the keyboard; this is supposed to be vacation. Bring your clothes on board without having to deal with suitcases, or worry that they’ll end up somewhere far away from your intended destination. Sleep in your own bed every night.

Spring break is an antidote for the winter blues. It shakes the cobwebs out of our daily routines. Taking that break in an RV means you don’t have to stick to a schedule. Find a campground at a quiet lake? Stay a day or two. Interested in finding dinosaur bones? Head to Drumheller to check out the museum and maybe do a bit of hiking in the Alberta Badlands. Follow the road west to give your kids their first view of the Pacific Ocean. RV’s give you that choice, that spur of the moment opportunity. Even if you are the type that has to plan things, chances are you’ll be enticed by something not on your to-do list.

March is here. The birds are starting to make an appearance. Winter is losing its grip. Stock the pantry with your favourite foods and treats, fill the tank with gas, or diesel, top off the propane tank and off you go. As soon as your wheels hit the road, you’re already on that much needed spring break vacation.