Decorating Your RV for the Holidays – Sugar and Spice and Everything Bright - Blog

Spend some time looking at the mechanical marvels offered by your Alberta RV Dealer and it’s easy to imagine taking to the road for a winter adventure. Even spending the holidays tooling about has an intrinsic appeal. Indulging in that winter getaway and decorating your RV for the season gives you the best of both worlds. Who says you can’t have your gingerbread and eat it too?

To Tree or Not to Tree

Ah yes, the Christmas tree, symbol of the season. But can you fit one of these decadent bits of greenery in your RV? Why not? Depending on the size of your motorhome choose a floor model or a tabletop tree. Whether you choose a real or artificial tree is up to you, but the artificial variety would eliminate the falling needle issue.

If you are camping in one spot for the holidays you’ve got a bit more leeway. Put the tree up, decorate it with lights and ornaments and just enjoy your centerpiece. If you’re campground hopping, you can still put up a tree but one of those smaller pre-decorated versions might work better. It’s easier to pop it in a closet or storage area while traveling. You can always add some of your own favorite ornaments to personalize it.

Also consider the pet situation. Cats especially love to go after Christmas ornaments and other shiny objects. In a large RV your four-legged friends can be tucked away in a separate bedroom when you are out. Small RVs don’t have that option. Then it’s just a matter of training and/or cooperation. Dogs tend to take better to the training idea. With cats it’s a matter of cooperation. Of course you don’t really know if you or the cat is doing the cooperating.

The Scent of Christmas

Even the smallest of RVs can embrace the holiday spirit. Cinnamon or peppermint scented candles in the bathroom or the living area add charm. A bowlful of colorful Christmas candy or mugs full of candy canes on the table tempt the taste buds and the nose. Bake some gingerbread in your RV oven and serve with hot chocolate laden with mounds of mini-marshmallows. Make peppermint tea and offer it with a candy cane stir stick. Even if you don’t have room for a tree, placing a basket of evergreen branches on a table or counter adds to your holiday scent sensation.

Outside Christmas Cheer

If you are on the move during the holiday season you can still have some fun with your fellow travelers. Hanging a wreath or a giant red bow with candy canes on the grill adds a spot of color. To really get a chuckle as you roll on down the road, fasten some antlers, fake funny ones, not the real thing, on the top corners of your RVs front end. Put a big red nose on the center of your grill and maybe some eyebrows over the headlights. You are now driving good old Rudolph down the road. Light the nose and it's even better.

Staying put for the holidays? Decorate the outside of your Canadian RV with icicles or those easy to use rope lights that tend not to tangle and store well. These lights come in both 12-volt DC and 110-volt so a generator isn’t needed. Decorate your campsite with snowmen, fake snow, mini trees and maybe even Santa and some deer. It is kind of fun sitting around the campfire and sipping that hot chocolate while surrounded by the lights of the season.