An Herb Garden In Your RV - Blog

Green plants and the kaleidoscope of scents they produce are soothing to the human spirit. It makes perfect sense to spruce up your motorhome with a fragrant pot of dill or parsley. The best part is that once they’ve matured a bit you can snip off bits of fresh herbs for your own recipes. The next time you visit your Alberta RV Dealer, look at the various RVs through the eyes of a gardener. Are there nooks and crannies inside big enough to hold a planter or two? Bring Mother Nature into your living space with these mini herb garden ideas.

Herb Garden Kits

Growing herbs in your RV, especially if you are on the move, is one of the ultimate forms of downsizing. One way to ease into RV gardening is to purchase a pre-packaged kit. Herb garden grow kits come with an assortment of seeds for fragrant plants like sweet bail, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme and cilantro.

One example is the Herb Garden Grow Planter Kit by Plantation Products. It comes with a terra-cotta planter, weighs less than a pound and is nine inches long, four inches wide and five inches tall. It’s small enough to move from one window to another so your plants get plenty of sun.

You’ve probably heard of the Chia Pet. Gourmet Chia also offers its own herb garden kit. One of the easiest growing kits to use, it comes with three terra-cotta pots, saucers, growing sponges, seeds and plant labels. The pots are three inches in diameter, perfect for that RV window or counter.

The AeroGarden is a relatively new invention that requires the least amount of effort. It uses aeroponic technology, meaning the plants grow using air, water and nutrients. The seed plugs fit into individual pods. All you do is place them, water and add the included nutrients. A grow light in the lid makes sure the plant has enough light. That means no moving the plant from window to window. AeroGardens come in a variety of sizes, including models that grow tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables.

Keeping Plants Safe While Moving

Once you’re ready to roll, it’s possible to store most planters in your RV kitchen and/or bathroom sink. Wrap a towel under and around the sides to keep the planter from bouncing around while you’re moving. Once camped for the night it’s back to the window for your plant.

If your planter is too large for your sink, consider putting them in the shower stall, also cushioned to prevent movement. Another option is to bring along some larger plastic containers. Line them with towels, put the planters inside and place the containers where they are less likely to move. It’s best to leave the lids off so the plants can breathe. Don't store your plants in a closet or in the under carriage storage spaces. Plants can survive a short stay in the dark, but if deprived of sunlight for too long they will die.