Accessories For Your Motorhome - Blog

The next time you visit your Alberta RV Dealer take a look at some of the accessories available that are specifically designed for your home on wheels. Offering creature comfort and space-saving convenience, the items below help make your RV adventures more enjoyable.

Winegard Portable Satellite

Getting out and exploring the countryside doesn’t mean foregoing your favourite sitcom or that nail-biter of a hockey game. The Portable Satellite by Winegard keeps you in touch with civilization yet is lightweight and compact, a perfect addition to your RV lifestyle. The satellite also works well at tailgate parties, racing events and even in backwood cabins. Each satellite has one antenna that can be hooked up to two different receivers, allowing you to watch two different shows at once. The base has a built in security eyelet so the satellite can be locked up. The Winegard Portable Satellite weighs in at 6.12 kilograms and comes with 50-feet of power cord and coaxial cable. Part number is 2505-19.

Pet Kennel – Pop-N-Go

Thinking of bringing your four-legged friend along on your RV adventures? Great idea! The Pop-N-Go Kennel gives your furry pal a comfortable and safe place to relax both inside and outside your RV. The sides and front panels are mesh providing air circulation and the bottom is a removable pad that makes cleaning easy. When not in use the kennels, which come in two sizes, fold up for storage. Part number is 7161-4.

Space Savers

Space is a premium in most, if not all RVs. It’s always nice to find household items that are both useful and easy to store away. The Quick-Fold Table, part number 41936, gives you a 20-inch (50 centimetres) square of tabletop space for both indoor and outdoor use. Reminiscent of the TV trays that were the rage in the 1960s and 1970s, the lightweight plastic tables fold flat for RV storage.

Another handy Pop-Up is the Container from Ming’s Mark Inc, part number 970-10. You can never have enough storage containers when out camping, especially when you have kids. These containers, which come in three sizes, hold kids toys, trash, recycling items, basically anything your typical in-home trash container can handle. When it’s time to pack up, the containers fold down into flat, compact zippered pouches that are easy to store. Whether you are a seasoned RV owner or a newbie just discovering the lifestyle, take at look at these and other items for your new or used Canadian motorhome.