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  • 2018 General Heavy Equipment Mouse Free DIY Kit

    • Price:$180
    Mouse Free Undercarriage Lubricant protects your RV against unwanted critters. It prevents entry! Mouse Free is easy to apply! Just simply spray the entire undercarriage of your motor home or trailer. Helps to lubricates all moving parts while prevents plastics and rubbers from drying out and cracking and protects metal from the elements. All you need is a compressed air hose with a minimum of 60 P.S.I. Kit contains one gallon of Mouse Free Lubricant protect and one Applicator Gun.
  • 2018 General Heavy Equipment Rubber Roof Cleaner

    • Price:$27
    Quick, Easy, No Rinsing and Non-abrasive
  • 2018 General Heavy Equipment Rubber Roof Treatment

    • Price:$33
    Enhanced formula is a blend of proven polyolefin compound that is even quicker and easier to apply than before. Just mop on and air dry. Tough, polymer coating provides a durable shield that give your rubber roof a longer lasting, antistatic coating. Reduces the powder roof chalk that causes ugly grey streaks. Provides extra protection against the elements. 1 quart treats a clean 40' roof 2 or 3 times.
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