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  • 2018 AquaGo Comfort Instant Water Heater

    • Price:$1,599
    AquaGo Comfort Instant Water Heater
    At 60K BTU, the most powerful water heater on the market. Constant water temperature, with high and low flow rates. Simple Maintenance with "Easy Drain Lever" Semi-Automatic cleaning: Simply slide the Truma decalcification tablets into the Easy Drain Lever filter and the interior Truma Aquago control panel guides the user through the decalcification process. open lever for quick winterization as water is diverted away from the vehicle eliminating water staining and the need for special tools. reusable filter cartridge protects the internal components.
  • 2018 AquaGo Instant Water Heater

    • Price:$1,450
    AquaGo Instant Water Heater
    The only instant water heater utilizing hybrid technology with a temperature stabilizer (mixing vessel). Adjust water temperature like at home for greater comfort. When Showering , a constant hot water temperature is maintained even after water is turned off and then back on again-No scalding.
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